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Cold Wind - Arcade Fire

❝So look at the fleeting stars with fleeting eyes, and feel how the earth beneath you gives. It is all a temporary manifestation of particles and it is all unraveling to particulate silence. The bustle of the human day will come and will go. And then there will be night.

But how beautiful these moments within the dissolve. What a temporary perfection we can find in this passing world: everything good ever done, everything good that was done today and all the good people doing it, and back and back, and forward and forward. All that beauty within a universe unraveling.

Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small. And yet it is. How unlikely. How fantastic. And stupid. And excellent.❞
(Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 49-B (via vaginawoolf)

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The National - Learning (I Need My Girl b-side)

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Vents (negative)


Vents (negative)


"You think she’s cute? Have you tried telling her?"



You would turn the wolves on the one you love
If they needed blood and you couldn’t run fast enough
And it’s something that I guessed about you, love
It’s not new, just you how you are

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Beach House - New Year

just enough to tell a story about a
portrait of a young girl waiting for the new year


Ivy Patio, Marin, California


Ivy Patio, Marin, California