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things i would rather do than go to school tomorrow

  • anything

even become meguca?


time for school

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Someone said the police are at the beach. They might have found a body.”

”I am the lost princess, aren’t I?” 

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Tiny house built by Heirloom Custom Tiny Homes in Oregon. See more here!

she’s got a boyfriend anyway: a playlist for girls who love girls, mostly covers and acoustics. [listen] [photo cred]

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Gradually, I become an adult everyday.


It’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair, it’s not fair
Still I’m the only one who seems to care


a   w i n t e r   m i x   -   b y   k n i g h t l i e s  | l i s t e n

i. blue spotted tail - fleet foxes

ii. a step you cant take back - keira knightley

iii. umbrellas - sleeping at last

iv. you will become - glen hansard

v. glass in the park - alex turner

vi. winter prayers - iron and wine

vii. deep water - the middle east

viii. the hill - cristin milioti


me like ‘haha yeah i can DEFINITELY write a five page paper in two hours!! time is a construct, deadlines have no meaning and also i’m dead inside’