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EMILY WELLS | Symphony 6: Fair Thee Well and the Requiem Mix

These morning dreams are just like memories
Late night, staring through the trees
I got words for this and the way it fits:
It’s all about the light and the sound around it


Future Island || Inch Of Dust

now i’m an old song that you once knew
you can’t remember me for the life of you

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i wanna ruin our friendship
we should be lovers instead

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Angelo Badalamenti feat. Julee Cruise - Falling

But I have lost your face

It slips between my fingers now

And all of the world is gray

As though you took the colors with you

When you went and passed away

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there’s a little girl lost out in the woods
with cherry red lips 
and sick on her boots
honey, i’m sorry i kissed another boy
'cause honey i just needed to be loved
and honey, i can’t live without your love

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You came uninvited with a jar of your parent’s honey.